Starting December 2013 I've been training weekly in Batto Do at the Byakkokan Dojo, under the guidance of Sensei Sang Kim. My posture and economy of motion have improved since then. I also have a pretty good notion of how to swing a sword!

I'm a little bit of a weekend blacksmith. I started in college when I cold-formed some sheet metal into a piece of shoulder armor, but didn't do much more until I graduated and had more time on my hands. Now I've got a little setup at home for making small pieces of plate armor. I'm also learning to work hot steel with a gas forge, to make fire pokers and rustic decorations and (someday) a sword or two!

I like to ride my longboard into town on a nice day. It's a quick but relaxing way to make a run to the hardware store for supplies. I don't really do any slides or tricks, but I do enjoy a nice fast downhil cruise when I can find one.

I like to take on electronic and mechanical harware projects. One day I might be assembling a Coil Gun, and another day I might work on an autonomous drone. My electrical engineering knowledge is spotty at best, but I know enough to connect salvaged components to an Arduino. Recently, I've been complementing the custom electronics with 3D printed structural parts.

Using software like Famitracker or GarageBand, I like to compose music. Often I'll do this to add background music to my game projects, but there are plenty of times I was bit by the Music Bug and composed for the sake of composing.

I'm an ordained minister, via the Universal Life Church. This allows me to sign marriage licenses for states such as Pennsylvania that require a ceremony to be performed by an ordained minister. If you're in college and comfortable with public speaking, this is a good way to earn some extra cash to buy something like a TV or a skateboard!