Clyde H. Shaffer


Carnegie Mellon University 2009-2013
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Minor in Video Game Design and Development



2015-Now CTO at WillChill
Full-stack development of a hybrid mobile app for social scheduling. Backend built in Haskell, frontend coded in Javascript, with custom-built wrapper apps for Android and iOS. Putting out (mostly figurative) fires. Rapid prototyping and iteration of new features. Demonstrating the app to everyone I meet potential new users.
2013-2015 Software Engineer at Adcade
Development of visual IDE for interactive HTML5 advertisements. Canvas-based 3D rendering framework for HTML5. Maintenance of ad metrics aggregation pipeline.
Summer 2012 Software Engineer Intern at Tagged
Implemented several features in the site's "Bingo Quest" game, working closely with the producer and designer.
Summer 2010 Research Intern for LearnLab at Carnegie Mellon University
Recreated math games in Flash, that had originally been implemented as Java applets. Interfaced these math games with Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools for analysis.
Summer 2009 Self-Employed/Contractor
Developed a driving simulator for use in Psychology research at the University of Toronto


Game Projects

Silent Runner II Physics-based naval stealth action game. Current project. Involves light simulation of buoyancy and hydrodynamics.
Submarine Warfare Multiplayer installation game featuring custom input devices
Orbital Gravity-based table hockey game for the Entertainment Technology Center's Jam-O-Drum platform
Umkhumbe Adventure game developed for the EyeGaze eye-tracking platform.
Project SUPERCAT 3D platforming exploration-based adventure game
Rocket Penguin On-rails arctic-themed shooting game
Silent Runner Naval stealth action game. Played 77k times since it was published on Kongregate in 2011, and 34k times on some other site that stole it!
Grenade Grudge Match Casual blow stuff up game

Other Projects

HTML5 Software Renderer A Javascript framework for rendering 3D content on the HTML5 canvas, without relying on WebGL availability
Harbinger Command-line utility for remotely-initiated distributed rendering with Maya, developed using OpenMPI
ColladaTool Windows utility for converting animation data from chr0 format (used in Nintendo Wii games) to Collada format
Academic work Including an HTTP proxy server, a raytraced scene renderer, a physics engine featuring spring constraints, a model-smoothing application using Loop subdivision, a chess AI, and a distributed filesystem