Submarine Warfare, a multiplayer submarine simulator/game installation experience. Featured custom-built input devices, computer-triggered lighting effects, and costumed team members playing the part of recruiters for an immersive experience. Designed and built in three weeks by a daring team of six. Exhibited at the Spring 2013 Building Virtual Worlds Festival.

Orbital, a gravity-based four-player air hockey variant developed for the Jam-O-Drum platform. Developed in one week by a swashbuckling team of four musketeers.

Umkhumbe, an interactive narrative about rhinos. Developed for the EyeGaze eye-tracking platform.

Project SUPERCAT, a 3D platforming exploration-based adventure game. Created with a team of three over the course of a month.

Rocket Penguin is a 3D shoot-em-up in the style of the Star Fox series, where the player (as the titular jetpack-wearing Rocket Penguin) flies through the levels shooting down quadcopters piloted by polar bears. There are also bosses. Focus on this project was on dramatic presentation, and developing a straightforward interface.

Silent Runner is a submarine stealth action game in which the player is a submarine. The primary mechanics of this game are stealth and searching, and the interaction between these two goals. The player's submarine is fragile and outnumbered, but can submerge to hide from detection. Distant enemies are obscured by a thick fog. Activating SONAR will highlight distant enemies through the fog, but can also draw attention.

Grenade Grudge Match is a first person grenade-chucking game. It was conceived as an experimental contest entry based on a dream. The player rides through an endless desert in the back of a blocky army jeep and has a crate of infinite hand grenades. Clicking down the mouse button will pull the pin on a grenade, and releasing the mouse button throws the grenade. A continuous supply of enemy jeeps is provided.

Radical Ostrich, a quick prototype of classic skateboarding gameplay featuring an ostrich. It has also been interpreted as a turkey.